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Bright Unisex Salon and SPA

Bright Unisex Salon and Spa in Nagarbhavi is a one stop destination for all wellbeing services like Body Massages, Spa and Salon services. We have been in the field for many years and are versed with the type of services that fits individual clients. Curated to individual needs, our services are customisable to the customer’s budget and needs. Situated in a prime location in Bangalore, we have been a reputed service provider and have been known for the best service offerings. Kindly take a look at all our service offerings and make the best use of it for you and rejuvenate yourself.

Body Massage

We have specially trained female therapists who are very professional in this profession. All are well certified & enough educated to understand the client's pain & stress problems. Accordingly, they suggest which therapy to choose. They are trained to put the exact pressure on the muscles & tissues & relieve the stress. It is very much important to suggest therapy by understanding the real problem. Every treatment is designed for a particular issue. our experts will first understand your problems & suggest the required treatment.Body Massage is the most traditional and popular form of relieving body pain and pressure. It is most preferred by people in urban cities. They not just relieve of body pains, but also provide various health benefits. Our work pressure induces more pain into the body which needs to be frequently removed which can be compensated by body exercise but time is a critical factor. Hence, we have designed a body massage service to offer to our customers. We have service expertise in Body Massage, Professional Body Massage, Female to male body massage and Cross gender body massage and maintain at most level of professionalism.

SPA Services

All like to remain young & healthy forever. It is only possible if our food diet, routine exercise, proper sleep & many more factors. We look old when our cells start degenerate. Like body massage our skin cells, hair cells needs rejuvenation. When a person ages human cells start to degenerate. Ancient Indian medical science says that it is possible to rejuvenate all degenerated cells by opting for Yoga, Pranayama & other therapies. Our experts are well certified to suggest to you which therapies.Bright Spa is designed to have a very wide range of services to reach many customers of different tastes. Our Spa Services In Nagarbhavi other than Body massages include body treatments, facials, pedicure, manicure, waxing and many more body care services to keep your health in a good track. All our services are designed as a unique therapy for you to soothe your pain and shoo away stress. The benefits of our services include muscular tendency, increased immunity and flexibility. The benefits of our services include relieving your body of your spasms, aches, joint pains and any such.

Beauty SPA

Bright Unisex Salon and Spa is one of the best Salon and Spa in Bangalore and we have built this huge relationship with our customers due to the high levels of service standards and Professionalism. If you are looked for availing body wellness services, then give a visit to our Bright Salon and Spa in Nagarbhavi and feel the difference in the service. We bet that you love our service. We’ll be happy to see you around as our esteemed customer. Hope to see you at the earliest.